Work to be done!

What a great night it was, the jubilee-concert on March 3. Everybody played and sang their hearts out, the sound was great, the place was packed and the atmosphere was fantastic.(see: Reviews and Snapshots). I owe everybody who made a positive contribution to this bash. Special thanks to Michel Veerman and Johan Tol of the magazine ‘One Way Wind’. Guys, without you, I wouldn’t even have started the whole thing….

OK, back to business now. There’s a lot of work to be done. For one thing: as many radio-stations and rock-journalists as possible have to be provided with a copy of our new album. Hopefully local, regional and national stations will play ‘A Wink At The Moon’ lots of times. Any track will do! I’m really curious about any attention in the press.

But the hardest labor is taking place in our rehearsal-room during these weeks. After 11 years, Jash has decided to leave The Living Room Band. On his ship ‘The Calypso’ he wants to sail the oceans again. We wish him all the best. He’s done a great job in the band. Both as a musician and a friend.

I was very pleased about the fact that Frans Pelk was willing to take over the vacancy in the band.
Frans is a gifted guitar-player who has won his spurs in great bands in our home-town Volendam. On several occasions in the recent past, he already played with us as a substitute. So, Specs Hildebrand & The Living Room Band carry on, with Frans as the new guitarist. But also at the acoustic gigs he will be my sideman. ‘Specs & Jash’ are as from today: Specs & Pelk.

See you!

P.S. Ask your record-dealer if he already has ‘A Wink At The Moon’ in stock.

April 2006