Since a year and a day, the music from my hometown Volendam is referred to as ‘Eelsound’. A word ‘invented’ in the sixties by dj. Willem van Kooten when he introduced a record of The Cats, the first recording band ever from Volendam. Since then The Cats, and in particular lead singer Piet Veerman, epitomize the eelsound. Maybe eelsound is best defined as ‘slick, well-sung pop-music for the whole family”.

Although my musical roots are country, rock & roll and (rhythme &) blues, and I pretend not to make it myself, my music too is often defined as eelsound. Guess I’ll have to live with that.
Anyway, that’s absolutely no problem, because at set times it turns out there is still great interest in the eelsound. And that is mostly the doing of Michel Veerman and Johan Tol. They wrote a book about the music from Volendam, entitled ‘One Way Wind’ of which a lot of copies were sold in the Netherlands. Encouraged by this success they started a magazine of the same name with news about and interviews with aces in the Volendam music-scene (visit:

It also turns out they have made very good and friendly contacts with some important people in the recording industry, because of their enthusiasm. Not only did they play an important part in the release of my album ‘A Wink At The Moon’, they also took the initiative in compiling the cd/dvd box ‘One Way Wind’, released on August the 25th. On ‘One Way Wind’, a compilation of hits, unknown tracks and old tv-recordings, I join in with ‘So Long Ago’ and ‘La Villa Latino’. Veerman and Tol also updated their book and on the same day the renewed version of ‘One Way Wind. De geschiedenis van de Palingsound (Translated: ‘One Way Wind. The history of the eelsound’) was released. Also in the book there is extensive attention for yours truly. I’m proud of it.

Gradually we, the musicians from Volendam, owe much gratitude to Michel and Johan. By their efforts they keep the interest in our music alive.

Guys, keep up the good work!

September, 2006