At set times I perform unplugged. Sometimes alone, but also with a few other musicians. I like these gigs: comfortably sitting on a chair, guitar on my knee, a bit of finger picking and singing in a more relaxed way, diggin’ up old songs from my memory, spontaneously altering recent ones – often it’s even a surprise to ourselves how they’re going to come out. Great fun!

Now and then we also do these acoustic performances with the whole band. The drum kit a little smaller, and our semi-acoustic instruments are directly plugged in the mixing-desk. Accordion and sax with it, and there you go. Because of the intimacy of the music, there is often much more contact with the audience. And then there’s the luxury: there’s no need carrying heavy amps, less by half the number of wires to stumble over and, for a change, the stage is not too small. One should almost think: why ever play electric?

Yeah, but still…Playing heart-rending ballads and solid rock songs, amps on that make the guitars weep, scream and groan and the bass drone, with a drum kit that cracks and bangs, – sweat dripping from the walls and a roaring crowd right in front of you – ain’t that the real thing? Yes it sure is! Although….

Well, we just keep on doing it both ways.
As long as it’s completely live.
Cause isn’t that still the proper way?