A Wink At the Moon – tekst


1st Verse
It didn’t take her long to start a conversation
The lady in the spike heels planted on the floor
She told me she had come here with her trucker husband
On their way to Mexico to get a quick divorce

2nd Verse
Right here on the doorstep he’d kicked out the cabin
Taking all her jewels and her brand new credit card
I felt I’d to remind her that I was not her husband
You’re right, she said, damn right
And then she kissed me long and hard

You can do much worse than be stuck in Missoula
Especially if you do it in the Oxford Bar & Grill
The best water hole in the whole state of Montana
If you can’t be happy here, you know you never will-


3rd Verse
She said she had turned down a lift back to Chicago
All she had to do was blow the driver once a day
She’d told him that she’d rather stay forever in Missoula
Than go down in a sleaze ball with horse shit for a brain

4th Verse
Only dressed in high heels she looked pretty as a picture
When we went skinny dipping in a frozen lake nearby
When the hangover wore off we were married by a preacher
And now we teach our kids this pearl of wisdom to live by

Repeat chorus twice

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