A happy New Year to you all! May this new year bring everything you hope for.

Musically, the year has not been dull whatsoever. To mention a few things: On March the 3rd the jubilee-concert and the release of ‘A Wink At The Moon’. Shortly after this event, Evert ‘Jash’ Veerman left the Living Room Band and Frans Pelk replaced him. And, finally, in August the cd/dvd-box ‘One Way Wind’ was released, with none other than yours truly performing on two songs.

In the new year, 2007, other interesting things are about to happen.

On March 23, I am going to have my very first theatre-concert in the Jozef Theatre in my hometown Volendam. Frans Pelk (guitar), Ab Tuyp (accordion) en Marc Spaans (upright bass) will join me that evening. Actually, this idea came into being after the jubilee concert. March 2006 last, the audience responded so enthusiastic to the acoustic songs we performed, that I accepted the challenge to go for it. In this respect, I am also seriously considering recording an acoustic album, an idea that has been haunting me for quite some time now.

And, last but not least, I’m going to perform solo again, for the first time in many years. Next to Specs Hildebrand & The Living Room Band – the band still sounds perfect – and Specs & Pelk, there’s also Specs Hildebrand. In short, in 2007 never a dull moment.

Hopefully we will meet again at one of the gigs.

January 2007