Men at work

Men At Work

After the release of ‘A wink At The Moon’ I felt an era had been closed. My recording days were over!

But in a good talk with Johan Tol and Michel Veerman (1WW, The Magazine) I said, in my overconfidence, I wanted to record one more accoustic album before my 60th birthday.

Both Michel and Johan responded enthousiasticly: Finding a record company would be no problem. If necessary they’d start their own!


However: I had not told them I had no songs. In the Golsteijn/Hildebrand archives there was still some good materiaal, but not enough to fill a complete album. After much delibiration I started writing new material. Long before my birthday I had enough songs. The recording sessions could begin!


But I couldn’t get going. At times the flame started burning, but I always managed to put out the fire. Why should I start recording?I had my theatre concerts, my gigs with Frans Pelk and my solo performances. Accoustic music galore!


I thought.


But especially Michel is the persistent kind. He and Johan didn’t give up.

And the other day they told me I had to get started now: “No further delay possible, ‘cause the album is to be officially released saturday, November the 19th”.

And they continued: “Specs Hildebrand & The Living Room Band & Guests will do a concert then, you will be spoken to in an official way before being presented the first copy. So, in October the record has to be ready”.



‘OK’, said my friend Jan Akkerman, when he heard the news, ‘finally the boy has to get to work again”.  He installed some great software on my PC and loaned me a superb mike.


Michal and Johan set up a contract. Their new label, Paso Records, will release ‘Outsider’ – that’s gonna be the album’s title. And on a cheerful evening we signed (see: photo).


So now I’m playing blisters on my fingers and singing callous on my vocal cords, some of the guest musicians already contributed to the album and also Jan Akkerman is already working on it. The new album will be ready in time.


Men at work.

And this man loves it!


Specs (June 2011).