The Living Room Band

Specs Frans Pelk Evert Jan Reilingh Kees Steur
Vocals, Guitar Guitar, Vocals Bass, Vocals Drums

Specs Hildebrand (1950) had already been in professional music for 20 years when he – having completed his fourth solo album – formed “The Living Room Band” in 1985. The band members come from the rank of musicians from Volendam, that well-known village in the North-West of Holland. They, like himself, played live music in bars, dance halls, at weddings and all kinds of other functions, year upon year all over the country and further afield. Specs’ original idea was to get together a group of like-minded spirits who had left behind their ego in the same places that he had toured for so long. Besides the fact that they had to be total professionals who shared his love for this type of music, Specs wanted them to be able to be at his side from opening to closing time – and even after hours! – at the bar in any of the numerous pubs and clubs found in Volendam. That is exactly why the old timers of Specs Hildebrand & The Living Room Band – coming from the established rock bands from Volendam (Jen Rog, Left Side, Cats, Canyon and Next One) – do not mind at which size of venue they perform. It can range from their favourite pub during the annual Volendam fair to the Wembley Festival. It can be before an audience of two deejays and a million listeners, or playing to a packed house as the supporting act to Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash.

What once started as a pleasant, ‘jam session’ gathering of old hands to practise their musical talents, has now become by far the foremost country rock band in Holland.