30 years….

The other day Michel Veerman and Johan Tol, editors of “One Way Wind” magazine, reminded me of the fact that exactly 30 years ago this year, my first album was released. Again they proved to know me inside out, even bettter than I do myself: “File Under Popular” was indeed recorded and released in 1975. “File Under Popular” was originally not only my debut as solo-artist; Jip Golsteijn (died: 2002) and Ton the Zeeuw made their debut on the album as songwriters, for Arnie `Long Tall Ernie’ Treffers (died: 1995) it was his first job as a producer and for Arnold Mühren `File Under Popular’ was the first album which was recorded in his then brand-new studio.
Eleven albums followed. All recorded at Arnold’s studio, but as from the fourth album on (Left-Handed Signature), written and produced by Jip and me.

12 albums in 30 years. Ah, perhaps not spectacular, but in any way not a bad average. In the process of recording some of these albums, I had the pleasure and the opportunity to work with several great artists, such as: Frankie Miller, The Cats, Flaco Jimenez and Jan Akkerman. I learned a lot and it was great fun, never a dull moment! And also the live-gigs with my own Living Room Band – for 20 years now! – are still not boring me. To be honest (not modest): we’re still getting better and better!

In short: 30 years more may seem long, taken into consideration my age (although, The Buena Vista Social club…..), but for the time being you have not heard the last of me yet!

October 2005

P.S. Of course we’re gonna celebrate this jubilee with a great concert. More about this in a next editorial.