March 3: The jubilee concert and a new album!

A happy New Year to you all! May this year bring you everything you hope for.

I myself have eagerly looked forward to2006. You see, there are some special events about to happen. After a period of 10 years a new album will be released and we will do a concert to celebrate the jubilee ’30 Years Specs’.

On March the 3rd these two events will be combined in the Jozef Theatre in our hometown Volendam. The official bill is:

Jubilee concert to celebrate ’30 years Specs’
Specs Hildebrand & The Living Room Band & Friends.

It has been some time ago since Jash, Kees, Hubert and yours truly have performed in this theatre.
But we’re gonna put on a great show: the building will shake, sweat will drip form the walls while the music sounds like ringing a bell. Yessir! It’ll definitely work out with the help of our ‘friends’. Since they all are brilliant musicians and great vocalists.

How about: Jan Akkerman (no further introduction needed), Rob Kruisman (the saxophonist of The Little Giants), Ab Tuyp (talented keyboard player from Volendam), Jaap Schilder (Cats) and Berrie Maurer (former member of The Living Room Band). Piet Veerman, the one and only, will officially present our new CD “A Wink At The Moon’.

The album will be released by Disky Records and will not only contain 11 new songs. To emphasize the fact that I am ‘in business’ for 30 years, 7 bonus tracks, cut from previously released records, will be added.

To put it briefly: looks like it’s gonna be a special night. Y’all come!
Presale has already started. (See: agenda).

See you – Specs
January 2006