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  • See Keith Urban, Frankie Ballard Swap Licks on Georgia Satellites Cover
    Put Keith Urban and Frankie Ballard together onstage and what do you get? How about a five-minute guitar jam on a classic Georgia Satellites song. On Saturday night that's just what fans got when Ballard joined Urban during his headlining set at the Great Jones County Fair in Monticello, Iowa, as captured by a video […]
  • Pokemon Go Fest Plagued with Connectivity Issues
    In what can only be seen as a worst-case scenario, this year's first ever Pokemon Go Fest suffered massive setbacks due to connectivity issues barring players from actually playing the game they had come to Chicago to celebrate.The sold out event took place last Saturday, July 22, at Chicago's Grant Park, with an expected 20,000 […]


1st Verse
I wake up and I wonder
If I’m already dead
I cannot get the cobwebs
Out of my aching head

2nd Verse
We crash into the village
For sandwiches and beer
Before they know what hit them
We are out of here

Skulls in the desert
Bones in the sand
Vultures descending
On the dry land
The sun burns down
Like a divine hand
Skulls in the desert
Bones in the sand-


3rd Verse
How could I ever say
That I was in a band
For cheap thrills and for freebees
And easy one night stands

Repeat chorus twice

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