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  • See Keith Urban, Frankie Ballard Swap Licks on Georgia Satellites Cover
    Put Keith Urban and Frankie Ballard together onstage and what do you get? How about a five-minute guitar jam on a classic Georgia Satellites song. On Saturday night that's just what fans got when Ballard joined Urban during his headlining set at the Great Jones County Fair in Monticello, Iowa, as captured by a video […]
  • Pokemon Go Fest Plagued with Connectivity Issues
    In what can only be seen as a worst-case scenario, this year's first ever Pokemon Go Fest suffered massive setbacks due to connectivity issues barring players from actually playing the game they had come to Chicago to celebrate.The sold out event took place last Saturday, July 22, at Chicago's Grant Park, with an expected 20,000 […]



Specs Hildebrand
“Well Kept Secrets”
PASO Records, No 006, 2015

1. The Lean Picker’s Inn
2. I Survived
3. Spike Heels
4. La Villa Latino
5. Home
6. Friendly Fire
7. The Sort Of Woman
8. When The Market Is Closing
9. This Plane
10. Doing Me Good
11. Do You Still Love Me
12. Puerto Rican Flower
13. Black And White
14. She Had Been There Before
15. Stuck In Missoula
16. So Long Ago
17. Christmas 4 a.m. Alone
18. The Boy In Me

PASO Records, No 003, 2011

1. This Plane
2. I Was Never There
3. The Good Die First
4. Nero Played The Fiddle
5. The Desert Rose Of Reno
6. Follyville
7. The Judge
8. Monday Cars
9. Scar Tissue
10. The Real Thing
11. Magic At The Waterfront

12.Time Is A Man’s Best Friend
13. (Bienvenidos A) La Colonia Penal

“Left-Handed Signature”
LP 1984, EMI 1A 058-12 71871CBS 85162

1. Gomez Plumbing (Prologue)
2. Speed Kills/Prayer
3. La Villa Latino
4. Friends For The Day
5. Houston
6. Alligator Tears
7. Out Of A War (Into Another)
8. Plastic Jewels
9. Bummin’
10. Ayer Cuba Manana Tecan
11. Blue Neon Lights
12. Wise Blood
13. The North Wind Of Texas
14. (Bienvenidos A) La Colonia Penal
15. Reflector Ray Bans
16 You Never Can Go Back To The Herd
17. Left-Handed Signature
18. Gomez Plumbing (epilogue)

“Time Is On My Side”
LP 1981, CBS 85162

1. Opal, Pearl And Ruby
2. Time Is On My Side
3. 700 Demming Way
4. Miracles Don’t Happen Twice
5. Berlin Hilton Chamber Maid
6. Anything To Get Those Panties Down
7. My Chosen Path
8. Why In The World
9. Two Fingers
10. Drinking Dry Martinis

“Loners and Losers”
LP 1980, CBS 84385

1. Ballad Of Lola Montez
2. Tupelo Hit Man
3. Keg Of Dynamite
4. Has-Beens And Hopefuls
5. God’s Harmonica
6. Swell Ship For The Skipper
7. Rooster
8. Jesus Wants Me For A Cowboy
9. Memory Of Old Tom
10. It Takes A Lot Of Guts

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